What you can do to avoid hypothermia

  • Check the weather forecast and take appropriate precautions. If you’re going out it’s really important to know how you’re going to get there and how your going to get back. Do not make the assumption that buses, trains, and taxis will be running – they may not.
  • Dress accordingly, layers are better than heavy items. If you’re hot you can always take a layer off. Waterproof footwear, jacket and a hat are great items. Gloves are recommended.
  • Make sure you drink and eat plenty. If you’re out socialising and drinking alcohol be aware that the alcohol may mask symptoms of hypothermia and you may lose heat more rapidly.
  • If you can get a warm meal or drink this will help keep you warm. Try and get somewhere warm, McDonalds are often open late for a coffee.
  • Do not sleep outdoors. Do not try and walk home in severe/snowy weather unless you are well dressed, sober and with company.
  • If you drive always keep warm clothing, water, a shovel, food and a torch in your car. Keep your fuel tank full and have a charged phone. If you put a sleeping bag in your car you may never need it, but if you do need it you’ll be really glad you had it, stick it in the boot just in case.