Challenges & Solutions

Challenges & Solutions

Being a woman experiencing homelessness is unsafe, unhealthy and carries huge risks. If finding shelter, food, healthcare and safety wasn’t challenging enough… try dealing with your period too.

Often the women we support have only the clothes they stand up in, they don’t have access to painkillers, period products, warm water or a clean and safe place to look after themselves. They can’t curl up in bed with a hot water bottle, in fact many don’t sleep at all because of their circumstances and the risks they face.

A recent Simon Community Scotland study identified that 70% of homeless women didn’t know how a period works because no one had ever taken the time to tell them.

As a result they resort to using paper towels, newspapers or clothes as a substitute for period products. They may keep a tampon in longer than they should, they may wear unclean underwear and have to deal with their most intimate problems in the most unpleasant of places. There’s little dignity on offer at that ‘time of the month’.

We want to change that. We want to offer a period of dignity where women know they don’t have to ask, or to beg, but can simply pop in to a Period Friendly Point and know they will find what they need.

The Solution: Period Friendly Points

Period Friendly Points offer accessible and free period products for women experiencing homelessness, or any women in need.

Each Point also carries a small stock of spare pants, travel wipes and disposal bags.

The Period Friendly Points are identified by our distinctive 28-day calendar logo. This is displayed as a sticker on an exterior window of the building that contains a Point. It’s there to indicate that there will be free access to products and a clean, safe space with warm water within the building.