Become a Volunteer Community Host

Become a Volunteer Community Host

No one chooses to be homeless!  But you can choose to help in a real and meaningful way!

Nightstop has been keeping young people aged 16-24, who have experienced a first-time homelessness crisis, safe for over 30 years.  Simon Community Scotland are delighted to bring this initiative to Glasgow’s young people and need your help!

Nightstop aims to prevent youth homelessness before it happens and through the creation of a local, Glasgow network of community hosts, together we can keep young people safe.  The initiative works by people in Glasgow, just like you, who have a spare bedroom and a desire to open their homes and hearts to young people, in order to help them get over their homelessness crisis.  Often these young people who have nowhere else to go and this free service is a lifeline which keeps them from exploring unthinkable alternatives.

One night of “rough sleeping” or sleeping in an unsafe place with unsafe people can impact and create ripple effects throughout a young person’s life, potentially leading to a “cycle” of homelessness which can be very hard to escape.  

We also know that one night in a host’s home will send a message to a young person that they are seen, they are valued and that their community cares!  By simply opening your home to young people, you can change their lives and how they feel about themselves.

If you have a spare room, as little as one night a month free and the desire to help young people facing homelessness, then Nightstop needs you.  As a host, you will go through a full recruitment and training process over several weeks, with plenty of time to ask any questions you may have and only when you are ready, will you begin hosting.  

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